Will Realtors Ever be Replaced by Technology?

33822080_sA lot has changed in the last 20 years or so in Real Estate. It used to be that Realtors were the Gatekeepers of Information. Back then, in order to find out which house was for sale, and the details involving that property. the only way to get information on a property was to contact a Realtor!

Today, the Public has access to a tremendous amount of information on Real Estate.  What was previously considered private information is now public, thanks to technology and websites.  Furthermore, almost all of it is free!

So, why use a Realtor, you ask? There are plenty of reasons why a knowledgeable and experienced Realtor won’t be replaced by a technological tool or widget any time soon.  Here are some to consider:

1.) Buying and Selling is an Emotional Process  Think about it: buying or selling a house involves a great deal of emotions. In most cases, a home is your most valuable monetary asset. In other cases, your reasons for buying or selling could be emotional too.  Perhaps you are expecting a baby, getting a divorce, or facing a job loss. Or maybe you have spent a long time raising your family in your home and have become quite attached to it. In any event, this transaction becomes an emotional one due to the high stakes involved or by the circumstances you find yourself in.  An experienced and compassionate Realtor can help you sort through your feelings and emotions and help you make the best decisions possible in a stressful time, by helping you consider BOTH the pros and cons of a decision.

2.) Face-to-Face Contact is Important  When I sit down with clients and discuss their Real Estate goals, a lot of communication involves body language. What we express with the way we hold our bodies, facial expression, intonation, and  interaction with others holds a lot of meaning in the overall message we convey. So, while texting and emailing are time-saving measures, the face-to-face interaction can often provide more information in the communication process.  Communication is key! This is why Realtors often prefer a face-to-face meeting with clients, particularly for the first time.  It also establishes trust, another key component in any relationship. And that is something you cannot get from technology!


3.) Interpretation of the Facts  There is a plethora of information available to buyers and sellers alike on the internet, and it can sometimes be overwhelming.  However, information alone is not enough.  How that information is interpreted is even more important.  For example, you may read that your area has 4.5 months of inventory, but what does this mean? How does this affect you as a Buyer? As a Seller? A Realtor can explain facts and how they pertain to you in a certain area, and in a certain market.


4.) Other Tools  A Realtor can also assist with other things, such as recommend a local expert to replace your counter top, or suggest a qualified and certified house inspector.  In most case, this Realtor has either used this person, or know someone who has, and was happy with the results.  This can save you time, money, and frustration.


5.) A Relationship to Last a Lifetime.  Relationships are built on trust and good experiences, so it is no surprise that when you find a great Realtor you have also found a friend!  This person will be your “go-to” person between homes and will be referred time and time again by you to your family, friends and colleagues.  A good Realtor will also stay in touch and provide you with valuable information along the way and be ready to help you whenever you need it!

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